catchment modelling framework
Contributing to cmf

Thank you!

Thank you for thinking about helping to make cmf better. This page should help you how you can help the best way.

Submitting issues

If you just found a problem in cmf, let it be unclear documentation, performance issues or the classic bug or anything else you would like to see fixed, submit an issue on GitHub. We cannot guarantee a fast resolving of issues, the problem might be quite challenging a no maintainer with the needed skills has enough time.

More: Submit an issue

Fixing issues

Check the issues at https://github.com/philippkraft/cmf/issues and select one to work on. The issues are labelled by the maintainers with documentation, python, swig or C++. Those labels indicate what skill set might be needed to fix that issue. Here you see a short list of the needed skills, and in the links you will find some rules and tips to contribute to these parts.


To contribute to the documentation you need only writing skills. Simple fixes like typos can be corrected directly in GitHub, if you have an account.

More: How to improve documentation

Python tools

To contribute to the Python tools in cmf you need obviously some experience with Python - but ideally you have been working with cmf already some time and you know the structure. If you see any problem or shortcoming in cmf that needs new code, please submit an issue as an proposal first and wait for comments, before you start coding.

More: How to contribute to the Python tools of cmf

Changing the C++ core

If you want to contribute to the calculation core, some C++ knowledge is needed. The C++ part of CMf is obviously written by an environmental scientist and not by a professional programmer.

More: Contribute to the C++ source of cmf